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Making Mine Scenery Part VIII

Its Wednesday! And that means its terrain time again. For those tuning in now, we've been working on a straight mine tunnel section with an adjustable height hydraulic blast door.We built this piece of scenery in Making Mine Scenery Part VI and focused on the door in Making Mine Scenery Part VII. Where we left off on Sunday was here:

At This point the door was complete and the basic drybrushing had been done on the walls. But the "iron mine" specific drybrushing from Making Mine Scenery Part III had not been done yet. I went through those stages, getting the piece to here:

This is the true starting point for today. All of the drybrushing has been completed. Now its time to work on the treadplate. Harkening back to my love of Necromunda when it came out in 1995, I have a thing for "caution stripes". These very dangerous hydraulic doors definitely need caution stripes.

I began by painting the treadplate Abaddon Black. This is going to mute my yellows slightly, but that's okay. These caution stripes get trampled on day in and day out.

Next I used Macharius Solar Orange to draw diagonal lines with my brush.You can see that on the left hand side of this photo. I then filled in every other line grouping with Macharius Solar Orange in two successive coats. You can see this taking shape on the right hand side of the photo.

With my basecoat down, I hit the orange areas with highlights of Golden Yellow and Sunburst Yellow. I then did a more subtle highlight of the black areas with Adeptus Battle Grey. Of course, this looks way too bright for the type of setting that Broken Contract takes place it.

To dirty it up I stippled and drybrushed Boltgun Metal and Chainmail to mute everything and give the sense that the paint would be worn off of the raised areas of the treadplate.

With the treadplate complete, I finished the door in the same way I did the steel panels in Making Mine Scenery Part V, complete with rust drips.

I also weathered the door and caution stripes with  bit of Forgeworld Aged Rust weathering powder to complete the look.

Here's a model eye view of several mine sections lined up in a row.

And here's that same shot from above, with my TV controller that I forgot to remove from the shot for some reason. The TV wasn't even on.

Reader David Koszka asked on Facebook how many sections I'm going to do. Well, the reason I am doing these articles every Sunday and Wednesday up until AdeptiCon is so that I have something to demonstrate the game with there. Running a quick demo will only need 2-3 sections, but I want to be able to showcase various aspects of the game. I'm actually figuring out how to represent things as I go. I thought, "Wow. I bet people would dig having to jump or run across a chasm, that showcases the sense of high adventure right?" so then I sought to represent that on the table top. Adjustable height doors took some time and failed attempts to get right. The goal is to keep at it until I have a handful of really cool themed pieces to demo the game with next March at the big show, so we'll be learning and exploring together until then.

Thanks for reading! Keep the comments, questions, and suggestions coming. Is there a high adventure action sequence you'd love to see represented on the tabletop? Maybe I can make it happen. Follow Broken Contract on Facebook and Twitter and check out our first castings and new 3D renders showcased yesterday. Here's a glimpse! Thanks all. -Nick

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