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Breaker Press Games 2018

The full art from The Day-to-Day cover.

We're one week into 2018 and it's time to reflect on the last year and to look forward into the future.

Last year, in January, we launched a Kickstarter to release the Broken Contract Rulebook along with a bunch of play aids (Equipment Cards, Ability Cards, Character Dashboards, etc.) The Kickstarter was successful and we walked into AdeptiCon 2017 with the new rulebook and limited edition boxed games. A few months later we released the new Adam Walker model, and all of the Kickstarter rewards began shipping. Hal and I dove straight into writing and playtesting. We hammered on content week after week through the summer, and then autumn hit and things slowed down. He was focusing on his degree and I was teaching myself Adobe InDesign while simultaneously laying out the first Broken Contract Episode Book. The year wrapped up with us just commissioning a couple of new pieces of art from Filip Dudek and a couple of sculpts from Icarus Miniatures. We accomplished a lot at the creative end, but only got one new model and the limited boxed game out into the world. Needless to say, we really want to get a bunch of that creative work from 2017 into your hands in 2018.

New Breaker sculpt.

New models are coming in 2018, but how many is uncertain at this point. The above Breaker sculpt is done, and ready to send for printing and subsequent manufacture, but our sculptor is currently working away on a new female Breaker Gen-Mod. I'd like to get out at least a half dozen new models this year, if not more. There are a lot of holes in the FerrumSky range that I feel need to be filled. I expect we will run one or more Kickstarters this year to accomplish this goal.

Female Gen-Mod concept art.

I mentioned above teaching myself Adobe InDesign. The first project I have just about completed is the Broken Contract Episode Book: The Day-to-Day. This short introductory scenario book contains three linked scenarios detailing the scuffles that are a part of daily life in the FerrumSky mines. This booklet and a limited edition box set of the same name will be available at AdeptiCon 2018 and will make getting started with Broken Contract way easier! After AdeptiCon I hope to release a whole series of Episode Books, building out the setting and introducing you all to new rules and factions, so so stay tuned.

Tooth Chipper: A Wild in the Streets Fanzine.

Speaking of Adepticon 2018, we are partnering with Chris from Slow Death Games, the creator of the subcultural warfare game Wild in the Streets, and the guys over at Corehammer in the UK to add content to his game. This Wednesday (01/10/2018) we are releasing a teaser of our new Wild in the Streets Fanzine, called Tooth Chipper (referencing a line from seminal punk band, DRI). The scenario is called Fur Free Friday and it playfully draws off of some of my experiences as a young punk and activist. It will be released as a PDF in the time honored "1-page-zine" format. This teaser, with the moniker Issue 0, is just a taste of what will hopefully be a series of Wild in the Streets Fanzines, done in classic cut-and-paste punk style. The first issue will be full of scenarios and subcultural references that should amuse and delight those who did a stint in the far reaches of alt culture in the 80's and 90's. It was great fun leaving my new Adobe InDesign skills behind across a couple of Saturday afternoons to mess with photocopiers, pens, scissors, and glue sticks to create something true to the scenes that I came up in. Expect Tooth Chipper Issue #1 at AdeptiCon 2018!

I think that's enough to hype you all for now. There are many other plans we'd like to get to but I think keeping our goals realizable out of the gate will be to our benefit, but I expect this to be our most productive year to date.

We thank you all for your support in 2017 and I look forward to interacting with you all in 2018!
-Nick and Hal


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