Monday, February 8, 2016

The Breaker Faction Set

Last week all of the printing arrived for the Kickstarter pledges. Since I already had all of the Breaker models in hand I started sorting cards and assembling box sets of Breakers.

The Breaker Faction Set contains 6 models, Will Kollis, Ari Gaylen, Trest, Talla Kellerman, Adesi Haddonis, and Nells Turnbull. You can find out more about these characters on the Breaker page. It also comes with 36 cards give you the stats, abilities, and equipment to play these 6 characters in Broken Contract.

Here's a snapshot of all 36 cards. 12 Stat cards, 11 Ability Cards, and 13 Equipment Cards, from the Knife to the Oversized Rock Saw. Though these weapons are meant to represent how the models are depicted, they will also allow you to ultimately customize your own Characters by swapping around whatever weapons and equipment you want before or during the game. Additionally, the Abilities represent different buffs to the characters, from re-rolls and bonuses to rolls, to ignoring in game effects like how the Lifter allows a character to ignore the penalties for a piece of equipment being Heavy or Massive allowing a gen-mod to carry something Oversized, like that Oversized Rock Saw mentioned above. Putting all of these on cards creates all sorts of opportunities for character building in the future.

Finally, over the weekend the last of the master models arrived. Here are some quick shots of the models. I cleaned and assembled a Surveillance Drone.

And here's a shot of all of the models that arrived: Overseer Smythe, Officer Anlika, Officer Moerta, and Grippe Candera. Over the next couple of days I need to clean and assemble these to ensure they are ready for production casting.

Thanks for reading! More soon.

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