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In City Industrial Shipping Container Review

At AdeptiCon I picked up a bunch of MDF kits from Death Ray Designs. One of the items they didn't have on hand by the time I got to their booth was the In City Industrial Shipping Container, so I ordered some when I got home from the big event. As you can see in big bold words in the pic above, this is the Shipping Container 4-Pack.

Now these have been out for a while. I knew I had seen these originally on Ash Barker's Guerrilla Miniature Games Youtube channel, and I didn't realize the video dated back to April 2016 until just now. Still, I linked it because you can see a bunch of other stuff from their In City range. The cleaner look is pretty Infinity, but heavily weather any of those kits, and you can insert them into Broken Contract.

One of the things that jumped out at me as I started assembling these Shipping Containers is that they are roughly the same size as the wall sections I build for the FerrumSky Mines. My usual wall sections are 2" wide and are built to 2", 4", 6", and 8" lengths. The storage container is 2"x6". If they made these in variable sizes they could cover the range of sizes used to set-up most BC scenarios.

The thing that would jump out to most people though is that this kit combines a simple cardboard box with the industrial framing composed of MDF. This is another example of their innovative design concepts.

Like the Rust Pointe Dumpster that I reviewed last week, it comes with instructions, including tips for getting the best results. Additionally, it comes with a stencil so that you can make the box itself more detailed.

Another appreciated design element is that they have notches that the feet can drop into to make them stackable. I find design decisions like this are always a welcome addition to any kit.

Here's a good shot of how the stencil comes out (the black sections in this case). I added the Black Squadron Security logo to place it in the Broken Contract FerrumSky setting, and added yellow bars between the black bars at the bottom for proper caution stripe styling.

For a quick rundown of how I painted mine. I primed the MDF portion Rust-oleum Painter's Touch Black and then Rust-oleum Universal Flat Soft Iron. This makes a good base for Citadel Leadbelcher to go over, but I don't like the look of the Flat Soft Iron on its own. I then washed it with Citadel Nuln Oil and heavy stippling with Citadel Dry Ryza Rust.

The cardboard portion was primed with Rust-oleum Painter's Touch Satin Smokey Beige and then stenciled with Rust-oleum Painter's Touch Black. When I inserted the cardboard box into the MDF frame I washed Citadel Agrax Earthshade into the recesses and did another stippling of Citadel Ryza Rust. I did some more washing to make some areas have that industrial rust drip look, and then finished it all out with Forgeworld Medium Earth Weathering Powder. I think I went a little too heavy on this side, but its being used in a dirty dusty mine, so whatever.

All told, this is a great kit. I think it made pretty great use of the frame with only a little bit of unused space. I am looking forward to painting up the rest of mine.

Thanks for reading!



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