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Today we're putting all Breaker Press Games product on sale across the Breaker Press webstore , DriveThruRPG , and Itch . Additionally, don't forget to check out the sales going on at Goodman Games , Exalted Funeral , and Noble Knight . I encourage you to support whichever webstore you most prefer. Get some grimdark DCC this holiday. A few days in Stennard and you'll remember all the things you have to be thankful for. ;) Thanks in advance for the support, and if you live in the USA, have a delightful holiday! -Nick
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Welcome to Stennard! (a DCC RPG-compatible setting by Nick Baran)

  Stennard is a grimdark, survival horror, fantasy setting compatible with Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG . Where can we direct you? Webstore (Storenvy webstore to buy physical books, zines, & swag direct from the source)  Patreon (become a free member to lurk or subscribe for $5 and get physical rewards every month) Goodman Games (PDFs, physical books, DCC core rules, & funky dice) DriveThruRPG (PDFs & PDF bundle deals) Discord (come hang out with us) Also buy our stuff through: Exalted Funeral (one of the best RPG webstores on the planet) Noble Knight (the most extensive gaming web retailer anywhere) Itch (PDFs) Social Media: Twitter Instagram Facebook Mastodon (Dice Camp) Reddit  

Breaker Press Update for 11.12.2022

 Greetings Friends! I recorded a new update video giving you the latest on what's new with Breaker Press Games . I talk about The Protectorate of Jenulane and Cleft in the Mangled Hills/Hillwood Camp Kickstarters, and give details for my Patreon Plan going forward. Give it a gander! -Nick PS. Here's the cover of Hillwood Camp Zine by Carlos Castilho:
 Greetings!  This morning I got a message from one of my freelance artists, Carlos Castilho, asking where he should direct people to find out more about a project he did art for (it was for Hillwood Camp Zine , by the way.) But, all I could think of was to direct him to the Kickstarter page, which really isn't that helpful. Then I remembered that the actual link leads folks here. This blog was last updated in February of 2021, so that isn't particularly helpful either. A lot has changed in almost 2 years since that last post and it seems I've reached a point where I need a more centralized "site of operations". Today is not the day to take on that project, however. Instead, here are the places to get the most up-to-date info on Breaker Press Games . I'm fairly active on Patreon, Twitter, and YouTube.  Patreon (new content, WIP content, design blog stuff): Twitter (general ramblings, li

Spawn of Cyclops Con

  Happy Spawn of Cyclops Con! We're excited to be able to game and chat with you all.  We have a bunch of Con Specials running right now. You just need to follow this link: And we just launched The Tome of Debasement Kickstarter. You can check that here: More info coming soon! -Nick

Getting Organized! May Objectives.

April was an exciting month and we've got a lot of plans coming up. Here's a list of projects and their status: Children of FerrumSky (Broken Contract) At the end of April we shipped the first wave of Children of FerrumSky Kickstarter Rewards to our Backers. Even though we had plenty of boxes, shipping containers, stickers, labels, and thank you cards, I didn't double check the number of actual models we had on hand. I thought I ordered 60, and we only had 30. We shipped out everything we had on hand, but we still have half of our Backers waiting for their models to ship. Currently Valiant in Madison, Wisconsin are only casting pewter miniatures due to reduced staff (ie. just the two owners of the business). They are still prepping molds for resin models but resin miniature manufacture is more labor intensive and currently their production staff are observing Wisconsin's Safer at Home order. That being said, fresh molds have been ordered and as soon as they

"Looking for Answers?" Laughed the Hungry Child

For those who don't know, we launched our first RPG related Kickstarter in February as part of Zine Quest 2 . We launched a Kickstarter for Rabid Dogs Zine , a DCC RPG compatible zine that simultaneously presented some of my home table rules, and layered it with an homage to the punk and crossover thrash that I came up on. Here's the latest update regarding that project: "The Hungry Child" WIP art from Jamie Jordan Hello Rabid Dogs backers! Sorry it has been a month since our last update. I know some of you are probably so wrapped up in the sadness of the outside world that you haven't even thought about this little Kickstarter, and I am sure some of you are clinging to every bit of joy that comes into your view, including updates about gaming products that you are excited for. I know the little bundles of books from other indie game makers has made for bright spots in my last few weeks, so I get it. Rabid Dogs and the Last 30 Days I had been waitin