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Vision of Fire: Broken Contract Battle Report

"Sledge", a Recognition Drone, and Officer Kase Cohin on the
hunt for several errant miners.

(The following is a narrative battle report documenting a new Act called, Visual Recognition. In this Act, Black Squadron Security team up with two Recognition Drones who have the objective of capturing images of breaking miners to confirm their identities. The role of the drones is to not engage the enemy. They are there to provide visual documentation for the files of the transgressors. It was a really fun mission to play and then put into words. The Black Squadron were played by Hal, and the Knife Syndicate were played by myself. Enjoy! -Nick)

"Work Site CI08 reporting. That new guard jacked up the count. He's not sure how many slipped away while we were dealing with those other worthless breakers, but we're short several bodies."

"Understood. Don't sound the alarm just yet. We're sending over a Recognition Team, and a squad is moving from holding to section CG04 to intercept. They'll be rounded up. Hold your crew until their daily target is met. Just skip feeding and rec times to compensate."


Officer Kase Cohin and two others from C-Level Security Detail XT710 convened on CG04. Kase signaled for Officer Harrison to take tunnel F while he and Sledge took tunnel G. The Recognition Team also separated to cover both sides of one of the great rock pillars dividing the two tunnels. Darting around the pillar, the first captured recognition was of Teal Asterson. Teal is a woman with no documented affiliations, but with a reputation for backtalk. Her image and subsequent citations were instantaneously transmitted to her permanent record.

Bandid, Teal, and Anlish attempt to run across the intersection
but Anlish trips and falls right in the open.

The pressure was on, and a teen girl in the group just couldn't seem to handle it. She tripped and fell in plain sight. The approaching Recognition Drone seized the moment, overtook the group, and captured their second recognition. Confirmed as Anlish Sahir, her first major infraction was now documented. A third figure confidently slipped out of view.

Bandid ducks back behind a rock pillar and prepares to rain fire
upon his oppressors.

A spark shone in the shadows, and the third figure arose triumphantly, two lit molotovs in hand. The next confirmed recognition was Bandid Nohal, a known hellion with ties to the Knife Syndicate, the dominant criminal organization operating within the walls of Orin Mine. Suspected Knife Syndicate affiliations were transmitted to Teal and Anlish's files, branding them for life, while the information was immediately relayed to the closing guards for their consideration in how to deal with the threat.

Bandid drops a molotov at his own feet and is surrounded by

Stepping out from behind the pillar, Bandid felt the satisfying heft and heat of his two lit molotovs. With the distinctive whirr of one of the Recognition Drones switching directions in retreat, he threw the first firebomb. Liquid had spilled on the outside of the bottle and it slipped from his rough calloused fingers. The glass shattered next to him and the flaming contents splashed on his clothes. Determined, he fought off panic and managed to launch the second bottle successfully as his clothes ignited.

This Recognition Drone is coming out of someone's meager
credit accrual.

The second molotov roughly hit its target and coated the wall and ground with burning liquid. The high density plastic shell of the Recognition Drone was not designed for fire and its body sagged and its rotors failed. The drone descended into the flames and melted into slag. Destruction of Black Squadron property would make it into all three of their files.

Teal rushes passed the distract guards. 

Sledge, a Black Squadron Gen-Mod, arrived on the scene looking to assist Officer Jacob Harrison. The two looked on as the drone crackled and hissed. They shifted their focus to the rising screams of the Knife Syndicate ringleader, Bandid Nohal. While they were distracted, Teal Asterson bolted past both guards and fled into the gob, a section of the mine where pursuit would be difficult.

Anlish prone and in restraints while her captor moves to blind
Bandid (out of frame).

Meanwhile, Kase Cohin was on the move. He had placed the teen, Anlish, in restraints as she weakly struggled. The fast burn of the alcohol based molotov flickered out where Bandid had been standing. Kase stepped forward and activated his blind light, directing it at Bandid. Overcome with nausea, panicking from blindness, and now aware of his own burning skin, the Knife Syndicate affiliate fled down tunnel 6. His burning frame making it several intersections away before slumping in the distance.

Bandid Nohal RIP. What a dramatic first and only game!

"Detail XT710 to Control. We have one in custody and a body to dispose of. This one ain't coming back. We'll have his crew mates pick him up on their way back from their overtime shift, give 'em something to think about."

"Detail XT710 to 712. There's a 3rd adult female coming your way; last seen at CF05, heading towards CE05."


Wrap up: This was an interesting mission to play. I chose to go with a small number of high point value characters for my Knife Syndicate (a new faction of criminal miners who specialize in Agility and Dealing type skills). The mission gifts the Black Squadron player with 2 free Drones, so I didn't have the usual advantage of "more boots on the ground." Our game only lasted 3 Turns and I ended up being more of a threat to myself than Hal's Black Squadron Security officers. My one character tripped, fell, and subsequently got restrained. And my crew leader set himself on fire, and was driven off the board with a Blind Light (a new piece of gear that debuted in this Act.) Hal kept the pressure on, and even though there wasn't much in the way of combat, he kept his eye on the prize and won the day. After the Act, I shuffled the Left for Dead Deck to determine the fate of Bandid, who ran off a board at a non-Exit point and is considered Down at the end of the game. I drew out of the 10 card deck, and with my fantastic luck pulled the Dead card. Hard times. 

Black Squadron Security 4VP Knife Syndicate 0VP

Thanks to Hal for the game, and thank you for reading! -Nick


  1. Nice write up. What is the fire made out of?

  2. Tim, I'm glad you enjoyed it. The flame is a tuft of steel wool, sprayed black, and dry brushed with red and orange. It was a popular method in the late 90's from when Epic40K came out and required blast markers. I made 3 of them almost 20 years ago and still have them. Haha.


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