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New Releases, Wargame Vault, and PATMOCON

Breaker Press Games has been going full steam ahead for the last 6 months, and sadly, we haven't documented any of it here. We rented a studio space, ran three successful Kickstarters, learned how to use a laser cutter, and even recently acquired streaming gear. If I tried to pack the last year and a half since the last blog post, we'd be writing all day and you'd all tune out halfway through. Instead, we'll just hit on some of the big beats for today.

New Models in the Webstore 

Female Breaker Gen-mod painted by Malev Minis.

Last week we went through the webstore and made sure to make some items clearly Out of Stock, and to add some of the new items we've produced. The first of the two new items added to the webstore are the Female Breaker Gen-mod, packaged in a red MDF shipping container terrain piece. Now, this model isn't that new. If you backed the Kickstarter at the end of 2018, you've had this model in your possession for 6 or more months.

Control Boxes painted by Malev Minis.

The other item added is something brand new, Control Boxes. While developing the Gen-mods and the Children of FerrumSky kit, we had another side wish: a set of objectives that fit flush with our mine walls. This three pack contains a keypad box, an alarm box, and a mechanical lever box, which are frequently used objectives in the scenarios published so far for Broken Contract

PDF Titles Now on Wargame Vault

Over the weekend the Broken Contract Rule Book, Broken Contract Player's Guide, Broken Contract The Day-to-Day, and Tooth Chipper #1 (for use with Wild in the Streets by Slow Death Games) all went up for purchase on Wargame Vault. This has been on our wish list forever, and we finally made the time. Big ups to Hal for slogging through the technical graphic design stuff that I don't fully understand. You can check those out here.

Virtual Cons

Gaming has moved onto the internet for the time being and we are dutifully observing social distancing as well. There are a bunch of virtual conventions coming up and we are planning on participating in several of them. The first one we have coming up is PATMOCON run by Peter from Paint All the Minis Podcast. We were invited to participate in the Entrepreneur's Alley portion of this online event along with Ash Barker from GMG, Chris Kohler from Slow Death, Joseph McGuire from This is Not a Test among others. In preparation for this and other cool upcoming events we've acquired some techy new streaming gear so we can stay better connected with all of you.

Stay tuned here or to your preferred social media outlet for more information.
-Nick and Hal


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