Sunday, January 25, 2015

Two New Renders: Ari Gaylen and Officer Tulson

Ari Gaylen - the Breaker daredevil
3D sculpt by Tim Barry

Its been another exciting week of development in the world of Broken Contract. Prototype figures are now in the hands of the caster and we are now eagerly awaiting our very first master models. We also had a batch of 3D renders from Tim Barry that we had sent back for revision, and two of them came back finalized on Friday. Those have now been sent off to VisionProto for prototyping! The initial model range is really coming together. Last week, I posted the new background and art for Overseer Billins. John Gendall's next project is actually the last essential piece of art for the initial cast of characters - Kollis, the Breaker Crew Leader. He has all of the references in hand, so hopefully he'll be done sometime this week.

Officer Tulson - the Prod gunner
3D sculpt by Tim Barry
A couple of days ago I showed a snapshot of a page from the rulebook. That same night Sam sent over a brand new mock-up Stat Card that I think is the best incarnation yet.

WIP mock up character Stat Card

We're actually getting very close to having something ready for the gaming masses. Everything is happening very quickly at this point so keep your eyes peeled for more developments.

Thanks for reading would-be Breakers and Prods!

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