Saturday, September 20, 2014

Broken Contract - Deep Underground Kickstarter Info

Restraint Drone by Geng Gendall
Early this week, after much discussion with my co-conspirators and friends, I decided to cancel the existing Kickstarter for Broken Contract - Deep Underground. This was done with a heavy heart, but it was clear that the boxed game format wasn't going to fund and we needed to explore other options.

Manufacturing a board game, with all of its components - dice, rules, board, figures, etc, is very expensive. When doing short runs of 300 or 500 copies, your printing costs are huge. Its when you scale up to 1000 or more copies that prices begin to come down per unit, but then you have to have the money to cover more copies than you need. Plus, then you have to have somewhere to store all of those copies.Ultimately, the premium packaged board game is what I wanted for Broken Contract, but the needs to make that happen were just too great, so we needed a new plan.

We've all talked it over and we've decided to keep pursuing the game, but with some changes. The rule book will be designed, edited, and Kickstarted to get it out to the world separately, because that's a much more affordable option. The models, will also be produced but sold separately, and in white metal rather than in resin. These changes will greatly bring down the production costs and allow us to move the game forward without the massive costs of mass producing a premium boxed game.

Thanks to everyone who has been following Broken Contract and supported us along the way. I think this is a good move for us. More updates on all of this coming soon.


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