Sunday, June 15, 2014

XIII. Assembling the Cast - Officer Anlika

Officer Anlika art by Geng Gendall.

Officer Naria Anlika has worked in the FerrumSky mines for several years. Naria is attractive, charismatic and knows when to feign empathy and when to draw her shock baton. The Miners like her better for attempting reason first. Her knack for soothing tensions has diffused more than a few laborer outbursts. However, Officer Anlika values her job and status, and will not abide work stoppage. If words cannot quickly resolve an issue, she will jolt the offenders into submission and send them to the box with no regrets.

Officer Anlika (Officer)
Core: Actions: 3 Move: 3 Wounds: 3
Combat: Shoot: 5 Melee: 5 Strength: 5 Agility: 5
Brain: Intellect: 5 Perceive: 5 Psyche: 5 Medic: 5
Social: Lead: 6 Dealing: 5
Intangible: Recovery: 6 Faith: 6

Equipment: Shock Baton
Skills: Charmer

Charmer – Re-roll failed Dealing rolls.

Officer Anlika text edited by Lisa Quintero & Robert Ferrick.

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