Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Broken Contract and Social Media

Art by Geng Gendall
I just added some links to the right hand side of the screen for Broken Contract on a couple of social media sites. There are now:

Broken Contract Twitter
Broken Contract Facebook

And I'm sure some more to come.

The above image was sent via Facebook to me by Geng Gendall, an illustrator who felt that the Security Officers should have more of a hard hat type design, and a light. Rather than simply describe it, he sent it in concept form, even adhering to the uniform that Sam developed. We're still sticking with the "western" hat but it was cool none-the-less, and I really appreciate him taking the time.

If you'd like to contribute concept art like Geng did, please go ahead and send it. I can't guarantee it will be used for anything, but it will always be appreciated and noted! And you never know... Maybe you'll define something new?

In the meantime, please go follow Broken Contract on Facebook and/or Twitter. Thanks!

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