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Act: Escape Route

This is the first Act (scenario) designed for "matched play" games of Broken Contract. It's random set up is meant to make the Act endlessly replayable. Though Broken Contract was designed for narrative play, this scenario will allow for pick up games, or a great "mid episode" game as Characters move from Act 1 to Act 3 of an Episode of your own crafting. Give it a try and let us know what you think! -Nick  Escape Route The Mission: The Breakers have established one or more viable escape routes and are making a press toward their exit. Black Squadron Security or Loyalists must try to stop their attempt to break through. Set-Up: The Breakers know their viable exit points. Roll a D3 to find out how many exit points they may choose from. Next roll 3D3 to determine how many 8”x8” board tiles they may set down to determine their potential exit routes. The Breaker player sets down one tile as their start point and then continues to lay tiles until t

Broken Contract Character and Crew Creation Rules

One of the things that narrative wargamers want is the ability to create their own characters so that they can develop their own storylines and rivalries. We want to encourage this sort of game play and engagement so a while back I had created and posted very basic character creation rules. A lot has transpired since then and it was time to update them to make the most of all the cards available to you now. While revisiting character creation I thought it was about time I added a point system to allow for the "matched play" that a lot of wargamers are used to. This is a very open system but it still creates a functional structure for gamers of all stripes. It is still in the playtesting stages so feedback is welcomed and encouraged! -Nick Creating Characters and Assembling a Crew Every Broken Contract Supplement comes with Characters to play, but you might want to create your own story lines, scenarios, and Characters. Creating your own Characters can be very rewarding

Assembling the Cast - Ash Walker

Ash Walker is collaboration between myself, Kickstarter Backer: Adam Walck, editor Robert Ferrick, and artist Filip Dudek.  This Character was created as part of the "Welcome to 2303AD!" Pledge level and will be getting a model in the near future. I am humbled that Adam thought this project was cool enough that he wanted to become an actual part of it. -Nick Officer Ash Walker When Ash Walker contracted with Black Squadron Security he was hoping for work that offered a level of excitement and freedom. It was only by chance that he was accepted into their security program. He was in peak physical condition, demonstrated a sense of leadership and authority in his aptitude and psychological testing, and he knew all the right jargon to test well, masking his strong sense of individualism. Hathor is not Officer Walker’s first assignment, and Orin Settlement is not his first posting on Hathor. He has proven to be a thorn in the side of every security crew he’s been assigned to