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Making Mine Scenery Part XV

This week so far I have messed around a little bit more with my batch of Horizon Creation 3D bits. I liked my first attempt at fencing so I made a bunch more to start with. A bunch of Horizon Creations 3D bits built into fencing. The two long sections use full ~4.25"x2" hex sheets from Horizon Creations 3D , framed in with a bunch of their rivet bars . I also made a section that looked broken and repaired and a section ideal for my 4-way intersection columns. This narrow fence support was painted exactly the same way as described in Making Mine Scenery XIV except that I chose not to go as heavy on the rust. My newish camera phone has a better camera yet I have a harder time getting good pictures. This is a top view of the new 4-way intersection. As you can see I made this one with some caution stripes for more visual interest. This shot features another Horizon Creation 3D bit: one of the fences from their fence pack . I feel like the caution s