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XX. Dealing Checks

New Talla Kellerman art by Sam Alcarez, Broken Contract utilizes a robust selection of Stats to handle in-game situations. One of my favorite Stats is Dealing. I think it adds something different to miniature board gaming. Dealing demonstrates how well a Character interacts with others. In 2300AD, trust has been severely broken down and not following protocol almost certainly means grave repercussions so there isn't a whole lot of negotiating in the mines. However, in extreme circumstances, it is possible to get someone to seemingly swing your way. "Stand Down!" - Typically used by the Prods, but it could be just as easily be used by Breakers, any Character can burn an Action to yell "Stand Down" at another Character within 8". A successful Dealing Check to "Stand Down" will convince the Character to hesitate, losing an Action Point. Additionally, if the Character yelling "Stand Down!" rolls a natural 6 when making the Dealing Che

XIX. Broken Contract - Move Actions

Stat card mock up by Sam Alcarez. Its been a while since I discussed the mechanics of the game. The last time I discussed mechanics in depth was actually back in February in the post:  VI. Broken Contract - Actions and Interruptions . I want to take a moment to go into a little more detail on Actions, and specifically how movement works in the game. This is an excerpt from the rulebook: Move Actions  are how your Characters move in the game; whether to give chase, duck and run, or just walk down a street or into the next room. Like any good action-adventure movie, walking around is not enough, so Rushing, Jumping, and Crawling are all types of Move Actions. Each Move Action can only be used once per turn. Move Actions aside from Go Prone/Stand Up are discussed in terms of Inches.  Each Character in the game gets 3 Actions per Turn and as referenced in the above, each Move Action can only be used once per Turn. Its worth noting you have access to the following list of Move

Broken Contract - Officer Hickley Sculpt by Tim Barry

Officer Hickley sculpt by Tim Barry. Over the last month Tim Barry been working on and off with the first Broken Contract sculpt - Officer Hickley, the Prod Goon. If you missed the Character description written by Chuck Hickey himself, you can check it out here:  XVI. Assembling the Cast - Officer Hickley . Tim Barry has most recently known for sculpting the models for Aetherium by Anvil-Eight Games. I'm really excited with the result and looking forward to more sculpts in the coming months as the project evolves. -Nick

Broken Contract - Teaser II

Today marks the beginning of a two month push to get ready for the launch of the Broken Contract - Deep Underground Kickstarter. Here's another teaser video and expect a big reveal any time now. Thanks to everyone who is following and paying attention! Hopefully there will be a lot to get excited about over the next two months. -Nick