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Slow Death Games Partner with Corehammer in UK

Yesterday it was officially announced that Slow Death Games is now available exclusively in Europe through Corehammer . Slow Death Games make the game of subcultural warfare, Wild in the Streets . Chris is a good friend, and as many of you know, allowed me the honor of creating the WitS game supplement, Tooth Chipper Fanzine . It should be no surprise to know that Tooth Chipper Fanzine #1 is available in the Corehammer webstore right now. For those of you unfamiliar with Corehammer , Corehammer is a blog run by a crew of folks in the UK who came up on a mix of punk, metal, gaming, and nerd culture, much like myself. A couple of months back I contributed to their Cyberpunk themed week with this nostalgia piece on my first true wargaming love, Necromunda . If any of that sounds interesting to you - click on some links. -Nick

Hathor Landing

Hathor Landing art by Filip Dudek Hathor Originally called P237123, Hathor was claimed and surveyed in 2251AD by the Interstellar Science and Exploration Corporation (ISEC). Early analysis of the planet determined that the world was teaming with metal and mineral resources, had a similar gravity to Earth, and held an oxygen rich atmosphere that would be suitable for affordable terraforming. In 2260AD ISEC put P237123 up for bidding and FerrumSky acquired ownership. Newly named as Hathor, FeSky hired Terra Artisans to make it more suitable for colonization. In 2285AD, FerrumSky built its first micro-dome settlement, Hathor Landing, and hired on numerous corporations to provide necessary services they were not set up to provide themselves. Within months Hathor Landing was bustling with activity as first wave colonists were brought in by FerrumSky, AgriCorp, Silica Shield, Armed Security, and others. The first iron ore was mined, and refining and manufacturing were set up. The f
Breaker Childern - Art by Filip Dudek The Children of FerrumSky  Childbirth is strictly manipulated by the corporations. A spike in births can devastate the supplies on the colony ships or within the colonies themselves, or at least that is the statement continuously fed to the Tracted. Those who wish to bring new life into the world have two options. One is to increase their workload in order to pay for the additional resources needed to provide even the most basic provisions to the child. The other is to enter the Gen-Mod program. The child will be given up to the orphanages at birth, but a couple can bring new life into the world at limited expense to themselves. The children raised by their families are put to work as soon as they are able to lift or carry objects. During feeding times the children bring buckets of food and water to the work sites, and more children carry the buckets of waste away. When a child is old enough to swing a pick or sift rocks, they will often be mov