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Game Designers Notebook: Kickstarter Prep

Kickstarter build in progress. Building a Kickstarter is a complicated beast. In my time developing Broken Contract I've built several that I have never launched, and I have pulled the trigger on two. I learned a lot from both of those experiences, but there are so many variables at play that it is always hard to feel ready - even when you know you are more ready than you've ever been! With getting ready for the next Kickstarter I wanted to take some time to reflect on some of those lessons. Broken Contract - Deep Underground   Cancelled Kickstarter 09/2014 I can still remember how I felt going into that first Kickstarter. I had been working relentlessly on Broken Contract for a year. Most of that time was while I was on worker's compensation from an ACL tear on the job. I had a strong vision and what I thought at the time was a lot development put into art and sculpting. Most importantly, I had calculated what I needed to launch a boxed game and I had exhausted